ICCPH 2017
6th Colour Specialist International Conference in Hungary
International Interdisciplinary Conference on Colour and Pattern Harmony
21-23 May, 2017, Pápa, Hungary
We welcome original unpublished papers and their presentation at the 6th Colour Specialist International Conference to be held in Pápa, in Hungary. The series of these conferences started in Budapest in 1976, organized by the Hungarian National Colour Committee, member of the AIC.
Scope of the Conference
Submissions of papers of original work are encouraged, and not limited to, the following topics.
  • Colour and architectural environment (architecture, urban-, interior- and lighting design and related topics)
  • Systematization of Colour (colour systems, harmony theories and other related theoretical topics)
  • Colour and technology (optics, light sources, colour measurement, lighting techniques pigments, dye, inks, paints, coatings, coloured building materials, etc.)
  • Colour and art (aesthetics, colour history, painting, graphic arts, electrograpy and new media)
  • Computational analysis of arts(pattern formation analysis and related mathematical treatment of the coloured pattern in textiles and other materials, fashion design, cosmetics)
  • Human and colour (colour and psychology, education, aesthetics, teaching methods and aids, synaesthesia, fashion design and other related topics)
  • Extended colour (all colour and its pattern related topics which do not listed above)
You are asked to indicate your tentative participation in our conference till 15 January 2017. The contact e-mail info{at}mta.aic.mnb.uni-obuda.hu.
Thank you.
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R. Hirschler (co-chair)
Á. Nemcsics (conf. chair)
A. Ürmös (conf. secretary)
J. Zana (co-chair)
Scientific committee
Gy. Ábrahám
B. Bachmann
K. Bialoblocka
A. Csáji
O. da Pos
A. Kárpáti
A. Koppány
A. Kwiatkowska-Lubańska
L. MacDonald
A. Mengyán
A. Nemcsics
L. Noury
K. Schawelka
V. M. Schindler
L. Tolvaj
Z. Vukoszávlyev
Local org. committee
Zs. Adorján (accommodation)
K. Boros (chair)
Á. Szende (aic.mnb delegate)
P. Ürmös (aic.mnb delegate)
Home page
F. Braun
A. Ürmös
Deadline of the abstract submission: April 2. 2017.
Deadline of the notification: April. 6. 2017.
Deadline of registration: April. 16. 2017.
Deadline of late registration: April 30. 2017.
Deadline of final paper submission: At the conference desk, May 22. 2017.

Accomodation in Pápa:


Hotel Villa Classica


Belvárosi Panzió


Caesar Panzió


Edvy Malom Fogadó


Korona Apartman


Zsófia Vendégház


Viktória Panzió


Czuczai Panzió




If you need help, contact please to Zsuzsa Adorján; e-mail:
adorjan.zsuzsa@papa.hu, tel.: +36/70/314-1959.


From Budapest:


·         Bus transport (Budapest, Népliget – Pápa) direct flight

·         Train transport (Budapest, Keleti – Pápa) one change

·         Train transport (Budapest, Déli – Pápa) one change


Time table: http://menetrendek.hu/


From Győr:


·         Direct Bus transport (Győr – Pápa)

·         Direct Train transport (Győr – Pápa)


Time table: http://menetrendek.hu/


Further links:


·         Budapest Airport: http://www.bud.hu/

·         Airport transport: http://repteritransfer.hu/

·         Train: elvira.mav-start.hu/

·         Bus: https://www.volanbusz.hu/

·         Eurolines: http://www.eurolines.hu/hu/celallomasok


After reviewer process, the abstract will be published in conference booklet. (The file name is generated as follows: ICCPH2017_Abstract_PresenterName.doc.) Deadline: 16. April 2017.
Full manuscript:
After reviewer process, the full papers will be published in the regular scientific journal, in the special issue of Óbuda University e-bulletin (http://uni-obuda.hu/e-bulletin/). The paper must be submitted to e-mail address of info{at}mta.aic.mnb.uni-obuda.hu. The template of the full paper can be found under the link of the journal or under the registration link. (The file name is generated as follows: ICCPH2017_Manuscript_PresenterName.doc.)

Final paper template

Submission deadline is before the conference beginning. At the registration desk, please kindly deliver a printed version of your manuscript.
Conference venue





Sights in Pápa city


·         Esterházy-kastély



·         Kékfestő Múzeum



·         Református Gyűjtemények



·         Nagytemplom, Bencés templom előzetes időpont egyeztetés alapján (Keresszegi Csaba 30/330-2084) Ebben az esetben a Marciális kápolna is megtekinthető, valamint fel lehet menni a Nagytemplom tornyába is.


·         Várkertfürdő



·         Öreghegyi Kilátó



·         Zsinagóga – Elfeledett szomszédaink kiállítás


Sights around Pápa

·         Döbrönte, Szarvaskő várának romja

·         Ganna, Esterházy Mauzóleum (Bejelentkezés szükséges. Nagy Ottóné: 30/304-3362)

·         Herend Porcelánium

·         Pannonhalma Bencés Apátság

·         Sümegi vár

·         Somló hegy


Helyi program:

·         2017. május 19-21. Pápai Agrárexpo regionális mezőgazdasági kiállítás és vásár


If you need help, contact please to Zsuzsa Adorján; e-mail:
adorjan.zsuzsa@papa.hu, tel.: +36/70/314-1959.


Final program

Keynote speakers
Zorán Vukoszávlyev: Depicting the transcendent - The light symbolics of Hungarian modern church architecture
András Mengyan: Magic of colors and lights
Balázs Feledy: Color in science and in art
Pietro Zennaro: Golden architecture on the contemporary age
Alicja Panasiewicz: Colour coordinates
Schawelka Karl Prof.: Wilhelm Ostwald’s „Harmony of colours“ (1918) and its mixed reception - a reassessment
László Mezei: Pápa and Gábor Winkler
Andrea Kárpáti: Bauhaus colour theory in the Moholy-Nagy Visual Modules, an educational innovation project

Oral contributions
Maryam Khalili: The Impact of Color on Diaper Bag Design: A Case Study on Iranian Young Mothers
Beichen Yu: Colour harmony in the urban environment: discussions and revisions
Karolina Bialoblocka: On notes on colour in Irish building regulations
Anett Firnigl, Miklós Nagy: Using colors at the roman villas of Balaton upland
Eva Sperka: Historical colour scheme of rondo-cubist facades in Bratislava
Miklós Bak: Possibilities of using nanotechnology in wood colour protection
Rengin Kocaoğlu: Measuring Sustained Attention and Mood of University Students: Effects of Correlated Colour Temperature
Veronika Szucs and Cecília Sik-Lányi: Colour-fidelity of online-virtual museums
Imre Tolnay: Colour-resoluted world – the use of colour from the impressionists postmodern
István Szabó G.: Interactive demonstration of colour harmonies and additive colour mixing

Poster presentations
Éva Mester: Colour application of medieval frescos
Árpád Szende: Colour harmony in the architectural praxis
Ákos Nemcsics, Antal Ürmös: Colouring of the frescos of the arpadian age parish churches
Antal Ürmös, Ákos Nemcsics: Magic colours of the glass windows of the gothic chatedrals
Katarzyna Słuchocka: Archidea- architecture, painting, emotions
Yulia A. Griber: New Color ‘Editions’ of Urban Space in Post-Socialist Societies
Cecília Sik-Lányi: Colour-check on websites of the Hungarian universities
Alisa Tóth, Andrea Kárpáti: Computer-based assessment of 6-7-year-old children’s colour perception and interpretation
Linda Reidmár: Blue Dyeing Museum in Pápa
Registration fee:
Full registration fee: 65 EUR (or 20.000 HUF)
Accompanying fee (conf. dinner): 13 EUR (or 4.000 HUF)
Reduced reg. fee (without conf. dinner): 52 EUR (or 16.000 HUF)
Student reg. fee (without conf. dinner): 52 EUR (or 16.000 HUF)
Late registration fee: 100 EUR (or 30.000 HUF)
Abstract template
The file name is generated as follows: ICCPH2017_Abstract_PresenterName.doc, where the "PresenterName" is the name of the presenter.
Payment information
Name of the Bank: OTP BANK NYRT., PÁPA, FŐ TÉR. 22.
Name and address of beneficiary: Pápai Platán Nonprofit Kft., Pápa, Fő tér 1.
Bank account number: 11748045-20049760
IBAN: HU34 1174 8045 2004 9760 0000 0000
Contact: Antal Ürmös, e-mail: info{at}mta.aic.mnb.uni-obuda.hu